How to create a MYBA E-Contract

There are only 3 stages:

After login, go to top right hand side of page and click on NEW CONTRACT.  A blank template with fields will appear. 
Once you have filled in the template click on green SAVE button.  You must complete the name of the vessel as this is a forced field.   If you are using Internet Explorer ensure that your tool bar is showing at the top of the page, this will enable you to copy and paste repeat text into the E-Contract. 
Attention!!! Save your draft regularly as you work in case you are interrupted and a security server timeout closes your session which will result in all unsaved content being deleted. 
The system will return you to the My E-Contracts section which lists the contracts in the varying stages (not the 1st time you use it obviously!).
YOU NOW HAVE 30 DAYS TO COMPLETE  -  Only Pages 1 and 2 are modifiable

Raising a draft to send out for verification
Open your existing draft by clicking on the blue MODIFY button
You will now see the red stars for all the forced fields
Scroll to bottom, click on blue GENERATE DRAFT button
The system will return you to the My E-Contracts section which lists your contracts - this draft now has 3 action buttons at the bottom
Click on the green DRAFT button - the system will propose you open or save the PDF of the draft

Finalising Contract & Generating definitive MYBA Charter Agreement in PDF
Choose the contract you wish to finalise, click on blue MODIFY button
After verification and completion of missing information, scroll to the bottom
Click on the orange GENERATE PDF button
The system takes you back to My E-Contracts and this final version now has only 2 buttons, one green button to DOWNLOAD PDF, and a delete button for immediate deletion if you do not want to leave your final version on the server.


NOTE BENE:  Contract originals can be printed from the definitive E-Contract and will be accepted as such

Please note the following important information when using your E-Contracts

Template vs PDF
There is an important difference between your contract in template form and the drafts you generate, which are pdf files that can be saved to your hard drive.  Once you have generated a pdf, modifying your template will not modify your existing pdf, you have to generate a new one to see the changes on it.  Just like when you work on your desk top with a Word file, if you save it as a pdf and then modify your Word file, your pdf won’t automatically change, you have to resave it as a pdf again.
Save vs Generate Draft
Once you have saved your new E-Contract for the first time (in template form only), you will need to re-open the template in order to generate your first draft (pdf). 
When you wish to modify an existing contract, you open the saved template, make your changes, then you have 2 choices - you will find a ‘save’ button and a ‘generate draft’ button at the bottom of the template page and there is an important difference between them.

  1. If you use the save button, your changes will be saved in the template only and you are sent back to your list of contracts.  If you then press ‘print draft’ to open your existing draft (a PDF file) at this point, it is normal that you don’t see the changes as you generated this draft PDF before modifying your contract.  The changes are not ‘lost’, they are only saved in the template.
  2. To see your changes in draft form (the pdf file) you need to generate a new draft pdf file using the ‘generate draft’ button.  This saves your template and generates a new draft at the same time.  You will then see your changes in the draft pdf when you hit ‘print draft’.

You don’t have to use both buttons, from this stage onwards, you can just use ‘generate draft’ and your changes will be saved in both the template and as a pdf (draft).
This choice allows you to either save changes to your template as negotiations progress without generating a new draft pdf at each small change OR to have a new draft pdf with each and every little modification, it is your choice.

MYBA Serial Number ValidatorIf you doubt the authenticity of an Agreement verify its validity

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